About Albee

Albee Yeend was born in Gloucestershire but has spent many years travelling the world, especially around Africa. Her love for the natural world provides inspiration and all of her original designs are handmade.

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Albee has always been creative and has done various Silversmithing courses. In her spare time, she can be found tinkering away at her workbench in her garden studio at her home in The Cotswolds. What started off purely as a hobby, has now turned into a business as while wearing one of her starfish pieces, she was commissioned to make one for a friend and things have taken off from there. When not making jewellery, Albee can be found out in her garden with her camera and all the photography has been done by her.

Albee creates fabulous pieces that are beautifully handcrafted and made in England but with inspiration from her travels, especially the beaches of Plettenberg Bay, where many of the starfish, pansy shells etc have been found. Albee’s bespoke services offer a chance to create a one-off piece of jewellery.

Every piece is individually designed and handmade in The Cotswolds.